Tinder Review: Are You Ready to Swipe Right or Left?

tinder review

Tinder is one of the most popular dating sites that offer an app, a desktop version and a swipe feature that is currently the envy of other dating apps. Tinder is designed for legal-aged individuals that are looking for casual and serious relationships.

Members who mutually like each other have a chance to chat and arrange a face-to-face date. The app is all about swiping left and right. Tinder is a multi-purpose app that is used for finding friends, friends with benefits, and love.

Whenever you use Tinder, you must decide whatever you want to find on it. Tinder has helped many users that are lucky in real life to find love, but now they’ve enriched their intimate experiences through it.

Regardless if you’re a homebody or a party animal, the odds of finding somebody to go out are high. Tinder serves as a club in which people interact the day long and find dates no matter the time.

Whatever you want sex or a serious relationship, Tinder makes it clear that it has all covered. Consequently, Tinder has ensconced itself on the top of the modern dating world. The app hit theaters to bring an innovative way to make use of a swiping feature.

After its release, Tinder has kept to its promise of putting thousands of singles who don’t want to waste time any longer.

All you need to know about Tinder is in this Tinder Review. Read on.

Sign Up


Signing-up for Tinder is not rocket science. Continue reading this Tinder app review to find out more.

Tinder sign-up is a process that does not take over 10 minutes. You’re simply required to give out your phone number or an email address for verification. After that, proceed to submit your name, birthday, gender, and a picture that identifies you.

Tinder does not use Facebook; however, you can use it for verification. You can find a Match very easily even if you’re not a paid member, yet being Premium offers other benefits that are not available on a free account.

Since the registration process is convenient, it is expected to find many fake profiles. Just use your wit to identify them and swipe them right. Also, if you don’t want to be confused with one of these, upload more than a single picture to your profile.

Once you sign up, stay active, swiping, and trying to get in contact with members nearby. A good recommendation is to never click on links that some fake profiles send to hack your account. This is something members generally report when publishing a Tinder review.

Profile Information

Now, in this Tinder review, we’re going to see what features are present in a Tinder profile.  Some of them are going to surprise you.

Aside from the impressive layout present on Tinder, it also offers an addition for uploading pictures and music to the profile. 

You can connect Tinder to your Instagram and use it as a way to get more followers. Tinder also gives the option to link Snapchat for photo edition. 

Additionally, you can connect your Tinder to other social networks like Spotify to make public the music you like. Through this feature, you can choose the music piece for your profile. 

Tinder does not force its users to enter much information about their personal lives. It is advisable, however, to add as much information as possible to get more matches.

Also, if you belong to the LGBTQ+ community, don’t feel ashamed of this. Tinder is a renowned app that has extensively supported the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, you’re allowed to choose the most suitable words and pronouns that best define your sexuality. 

Members can even identify with up to three sexual orientations at a time from an overall of nine. 

Contacting Members

If you’re an experienced dater, you must know that being able to send messages without cost is a great advantage. Tinder allows sending messages to members that have mutually liked back. This is coming up next in this Tinder app review.

If you realize you don’t like your match after some time, you can use the block feature. Members can be reported if they behave offensively. The support team bans them forever or suspends them temporarily.

Tinder does not allow searching for specific users through their phone number or real names. The search options on Tinder are only confined to matched profiles and display similar members on the suggested lists.

Tinder has reached 55 million members in the database. If you are in the United States, you have more chances to find a date because most of its users reside there. A Tinder review on Trustpilot claims that there are also lots of members from South America.

Special Features

There are lots of features that people praise in their Tinder review. Tinder offers several features that transform this application into an amazing swiping game. The bummer is that all these features come along with a Premium membership, but they will surefire guarantee a date. 

Let’s go further into this in this Tinder app review.

  • Boost: Boost is a feature that appears in other apps and has the function to put profiles on top of the lists for thirty minutes.  
  • Super Boost: this is a new feature that empowers you to be only seen by the most potential matches. This function is deemed as one of the ultimate Tinder hacks. 
  • Superlike: this unpaid feature allows sending messages to a specific Premium member that is standing out from the populace. 
  • Passport / Swipe Around the world: this function allows you to swipe members that are located in other countries regardless of the place you are. 
  • Rewind: basically, you undo a left swipe if you change your mind about a member. 

Top Picks: with this feature, the application shows some top profiles that may be of your interested. Many affiliates have dropped a Tinder review affirming that it is simpler to have luck through this amazing feature. 


Ok. The design looks good, but it may take time to familiarize with it since the icons are tricky, according to members who have published their Tinder app review.

In general, profiles are easy to swipe, and the app is on Apple Store and Google Play. The installation is completely free, and the signing up does not charge extra fees.

After you download it, you can connect it to Spotify, Instagram, and Snapchat. It is important to remark that some people use Tinder to get more followers on Instagram.

As for the Spotify and Snapchat, people are allowed to see what kind of music you like through Spotify and see your photos edited through Snapchat.

This is the main reason why Tinder has popularized more for smartphones than for desktop use. Most reviewers find swiping much easier on smaller devices rather than on the PC. Besides that, colors are more livid, and it allows playing music in the background.

Other people who have written their own Tinder review say the icons are confusing, and you’ll need to be careful when clicking not to end up wasting freebies.

The Problem With Tinder

According to users that have published a Tinder review, Tinder is not a perfect app. It has problems that are not related to functionality.

The problems with Tinder lies in the type of people you find there. Most of them have left intimacy and romantic relationships aside to opt for flings. According to reviews on this app, they look for daters that are excellent sex performers. 

This leads us to think that the physical appearance really matters on Tinder. It is important for both genders, especially for men who have stated in their Tinder app review they signed up in the hopes of finding nearby sex.  

The disinterest in serious relationships shown by Tinder members is crucial and necessary to point out here. At first, it seems they are really interested in serious dating but end up ghosting.

Most of the users that use this app want something fast. They send you tons of messages asking you out and then lose interest when they have sex or when they realize their match is not actually what they expected.

A woman who wrote a Tinder review said that it was normal to find a date on Tinder that suddenly cuts communication with you unreasonably.

As a general rule, men tend to seek sex and women’s serious relationships, and this is evidently not a match.

How Tinder sells your data

If you submit your registration on apps like Tinder, you generally provide a lot of information about your sexual preferences and the drugs you like. Basically, your intimate personal data is shared with the community, so users can see who you are.

However, Tinder sometimes sells that information to third parties. This can be alarming because it may violate fundamental laws of privacy. Tinder is one of the apps that sell the personal data of its members on the pretext that they ensure data protection.

They share data related to the age and location, which is somewhat sensitive. In some countries, the sale of personal data goes against the law because it is a risk for security. A member argued in his Tinder review that data sharing is still not a thing to be concerned about.

The last straw is that many Tinder consumers are not aware of these activities. Tinder shares information about location and age, but always hides the real names of the people involved.

The uploaded photos are also shared as well as all the information related to hobbies and consumption of drugs.

To respond to these allegations, Tinder has made clear that they had contracts in place with data vendors that guarantee customer data protection. Reading the Tinder app review published by some people, it is evident that most people think they are not being exposed.

Duration / Credits / Coins



Tinder Gold under 28

1 Month

14.99 USD / Month

14.99 USD

6 Months

8.83 USD / Month

52.99 USD

12 Months

6.92 USD / Month

82.99 USD

Tinder Gold over 28

1 Month

29.99 USD / Month

29.99 USD

6 Months

18.83 USD / Month

112.99 USD

12 Months

12.50 USD / Month

149.99 USD

Tinder Plus under 28

1 Month

9.99 USD / Month

9.99 USD

6 Months

5.83 USD / Month

34.99 USD

12 Months

4.58 USD / Month

54.99 USD

Tinder Plus over 28

1 Month

19.99 USD / Month

19.99 USD

6 Months

10.00 USD / Month

60.00 USD

12 Months

6.67 USD / Month

80.00 USD


Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the Premium upgrades that Tinder offers. Tinder Plus provides swipe rewind, one monthly boost, passport feature, and unlimited likes. All ads are removed in both types of memberships.

Tinder Gold provides even more benefits than its counterpart. It allows seeing likes, sending messages without the need of a like-back, and gives access to Tinder Top Picks.

Not with standing the additions included with Tinder Gold, it is difficult to read a Tinder app review rating this plan above Tinder Plus.


Your account will be put under review for 24 hours if Tinder suspects of any violation of rules. During that time, they will scrutinize the content on the profile, the photos uploaded, and the messages that are possibly offensive to the community.

During that process, moderators may remove profiles of people who do not show their faces on the app. A profile is put to review when it has been reported multiple times for supposedly violating the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines.

While a profile is under review, the user is unable to log in. Once the profile is proven to be clean, there are no issues to sign in. Any behavior that violates their terms of service can lead to a permanent ban.

Once the Tinder support receives a report, they start investigating what is happening. They look for nudity, spam links, threats, and words that are not permitted in the community. They guarantee no user posts porn content also.

Top members have sustained in their Tinder app review that filthy members are suspended a few hours after they send a report.

In this Tinder app review, we will see that Tinder does take reports seriously, and moderators do not hesitate to take action that helps keep the website clean.

When an account is under review, most probably, it has been reported several times. Ultimately, when a profile is under review, the user can’t log in, and Tinder looks for any violations of rules. If nothing wrong is found on the profile, the member is allowed to back in.

The review and approval of a profile can take up to 24 hours. It is important that for the moment of the review, all pictures uploaded show the face and complete body of the person involved.

In the meantime, the profile is being reviewed; the account is marked for review. If they detect that part of the content does violate the rules, they remove that content and gives a warning. If the offender does not change the way of behaving, he/she can get banned.

Some policies include soliciting money, posting photos of another person without permission or trying to impersonate someone else. Surely, photos portraying nudity are not forbidden.

Once the profile has undergone the reviewing process, the member receives a warning and some suggestions to prevent further restrictions. Tinder rules are overall easy, and in general, they do not differ from those on most dating sites.

Tinder moderators take their time to review profiles when they receive a report of somebody who is supposedly violating Tinder rules. Some guidelines imply being offensive or displaying pornographic content, as well as stalking members.

Stalking is a common term on most dating sites. Most victims are women, but men can also fall victim to it. Although Tinder is a very laid-back app, moderators do receive a lot of complaints of users soliciting money and doing illegal activities.

When you report someone for having a bad behavior, moderators check out the profile for offensive content or things that can damage the website’s reputation.  

After that, Tinder tells the user to wait 24 hours for account verification and then they will get back to him. If nothing seems to violate the rules, the reported user can log back in like nothing happened.

If the violation is a leading cause of permanent suspension, the user is tipped off about what to do to prevent these reports. If the member overlooks this warning, he will not probably stay on the app for long.

The report message goes away after 24 hours after review completion. There’s no negative Tinder app review on this feature.

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