How to Send a Message on Ashley Madison Without Paying?

How to Send a Message on Ashley Madison Without Paying

Online dating apps aid people in finding a partner for casual meetings and pleasure for a night. These apps are preeminent for individuals who want to have hookups and affairs for a shorter time. When you are talking about online dating apps, there is one such app that you cannot miss talking about.

Ashley Madison is the app that this writing will debate about! Ashley Madison is a Canadian virtual dating app aiming to engage all married individuals in affairs with new sizzling beauties.  Not just married individuals! Anyone who wants to have a hookup/ affair can use this app to find maximum fun.

One of the major reasons for having a broad user base is this online dating app focuses on privacy. All users who practice this dating app feel secure in a verdict-free interface. However, despite offering a free sign-up to users, this platform charges you some cost when you want exclusive services. For example, sending messages demands credit in this app.

Ashley Madison came up intending to charge a certain amount to access the site. In return, these charges will help developers develop new features in the app. But there is still a fragment of users who want to message in Ashley Madison without paying. If you are amongst them, then this editorial will help you. Read the complete article to find out how you can message without paying.

Ashley Madison Credits and Plans

Ashley Madison has three plans with three distinctive offerings to the users. The plans include:

  • Basic Plan: This is the standard plan that costs $59 to users. In this plan, users will accomplish 100 credits for messaging, and this plan is perfect for all new users.
  • Classic Plan: The Classic plan is a mid-range plan suitable for all regular users; it costs you $169 and offers you 500 credits in return. That implies; a unit credit will cost you $0.34.
  • Elite Plan: This is the most premium plan with many features. It costs you $289 and offers you 1000 credit. The plan may seem to be more expensive. But when you calculate, you will find a single credit at just $0.29.

How to Message on Ashley Madison Without Paying?

Although messaging in Ashley Madison demands you for some charges/credit, there are still some alternatives that let you message for free. These are the options that you can try in your Ashley Madison account. Here are a few ways to send and read messages on Ashley Madison without paying.

1. Gender Rights

The first option is accessing the messaging feature with gender rights as a feature. For every woman in Ashley Madison, messaging is free, a significant feature offered by developers. Not just messages, but Women are not even charged for any activity on the platform.

All the women users who want to achieve the free messaging on Ashley Madison can access it without paying. However, if you are a user of the opposite gender, you need to pay.

2. Promo Based Account

The subsequent method of getting free access to messaging is a promo-based account. When creating a new account on the platform, there are certain perks that you can enjoy. Usually, a new user, Ashley Madison, gets a welcome bonus. This bonus offers you thirty days of free usage in a trial period.

However, after this trial period, you need to pay your cost as a regular user. But it is within this trial period you can enjoy messaging for free. While creating a new account, you should always avail this credit and message as much as you want in this app. If you still keep using this feature, you can move a step further.

Create a new account, and again avail of the thirty-day free trial offer. However, make sure you are creating an account with different credentials. This is an option that most of the Ashley Madison users employ.

3. Buy Premium Subscription But Cancel It Before The Month

Despite this free trial period option, there is one more option that you can try. It is quite similar to the former trick. All you need to do is avail of a premium subscription from Ashley Madison; you will get charged the full amount.

However, if you cancel the subscription before a month, you will get a full refund of the amount you pay. So, this is a trick that helps your message for free. This is a feature that Ashley Madison offers only to satisfy the users.

So, you can take maximum advantage of this feature and message as much as you can by getting and canceling a subscription before a month. 

Now that you know the approaches, you can use them to message on the platform for free.

Ashley Madison Cost Per Message

Every time any user sends a message in Ashley Madison, it charges about 5 credits. Every time you message in a single day would get charged with the same amount of cost. 

Not just for sending the message, but when you open a message, you will get deducted with the same amount of credit. Users can avail of the credits in bulk, as discussed above.

How to Spot Bots on Ashley Madison?

Although Ashley Madison is an open dating app, you can find a lot of fraud here as well. The site pays maximum attention to user privacy. So, the platform offers chances to users to distort their profile images. 

This, in return, helps several users with fake profiles. You can find many fake profiles; especially women are trying to entice men; fishing profiles can quickly get distinguished. Here are some tricks that you can use.

The first sign that helps you spot a bot account is when you get any message from Women first. In most cases, women don’t seek men. So, they don’t message men first. However, a formal hi or hello is normal. But repetitive messages and more interest from the other side can let you know that it may be a bot account. Ladies typically don’t initiate any conversation. But when you find women initiating, be aware.

Further, it can be alarming when you suggest meeting too soon, and the conversation should not be fast forward. The last and final trick to identify is when you don’t find much interest in personality. Women always prefer men with good personalities and look forward to men with height above 5.6″.

When you don’t find any questions about personality, you can investigate more about the profile. So, it can be a bot account when they seem less concerned.

How to Use Ashley Madison?

Using Ashley Madison is all easy. You don’t need to give your payment details until your message. Creating an account and browsing through profiles is always free; you can browse women/partners in your vicinity. However, for initiating a conversation, you may need credit.

By using the basic version in the Ashley Madison Platform, you can send and receive messages from the users living nearby you. You can find women who are more enticing for you. 

As discussed above, the initial messages are free with a trial period. But post that, you will have to pay for the credits, and sending every message will cost you 5 credits.

Similarly, receiving messages will also cost you 5 credits. So, you have to buy credit accordingly, as per your usage. If you are a regular user with more message communication, you must go for the Elite plan offered by this platform. Apart from that, you can also live chat with other users at Ashley Madison.

In the case of live chat, the first hour will cost you 50 credits, the second will cost you 30, and the next hour will cost you 30 credits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I Use Ashley Madison for Free?

Yes! Using the above ways, you can use Ashley Madison for free.

2. Do You Need Credits to Message on Ashley Madison?

Yes! All the users need credit to message Ashley Madison.

3. How Do I Discreetly Pay for Ashley Madison?

You can pay discreetly at Ashley Madison with the aid of gift cards. For $49, you can buy these gift cards.

4. What’s Better than Ashley Madison?

Many online dating apps are better than Ashley Madison, including QuickFlirt, Snapchat, and many more.

Final Words

In conclusion, these are the ways you can use Ashley Madison for messaging without paying. Now that you know the ways, start implementing and enjoy features for free. However, it would be satisfactory to be cognizant of the bots and phishing profiles when using the platform. 

This will help you attain a positive experience on this platform. We hope this article about how to message on Ashley Madison without paying is helpful to you. Do share this content on social media if you find it helpful for you in any manner.

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