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femboys Dating Sites

You can’t see femboys as trannies because they’re chicks with dicks; it is better to see them just the way it is: individuals that look like men but act like women. This may confuse, but we’ll go into this further. 

You can find sissies and femboys to hookup online very easily. In this article, we are going to list some of the most popular websites for meeting femboys. All the following sites are said to be the best of the bunch.  

Using these web portals to find femboys can be tricky because there’s still not such a “crossdresser” or “femboy” option in the search choice. In this case, you have to browse profiles to try your luck. 

The following apps have a host of couples, women, gays, and trans willing to mingle. If you want a piece of advice, tap on the ‘trans’ option for femboys.

Humans across the globe are using the Internet more than ever to meet sissies. Currently, there are many sites that serve people dedicated to this lifestyle.

This is what we’re going to talk about in this article: the top 6 apps for femboys dating. Read on. 

Top Femboys Dating Sites

Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison
Adult Friend Finder
Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has a series of functions that streamline 
femboys dating. For more security, use the webcam to see if you’re actually chatting with a crossdresser. The website allows women and femboys to live-stream and invites others them to a private chat.

The platform includes a good amount of chatrooms that are completely free. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best alternatives for finding femboys on this site, considering that chatrooms are free, there are more people interacting, and they can invite you to a private chat if they find you appealing.

Adult Friend Finder is actually a paid service; thus, it is best to use the chatrooms to find somebody quickly. It also has blogs that provide tips on dating, finding hookups, and facts about crossdressers. 

If you purchase a Premium plan, it enables you to send an ice-breaker message, which puts you at an advantage. Additionally, it allows you to search by a wealth of categories, including types, ethnicity, hair color, zip code, and sexual orientations. 

If you don’t want to become a paying member, enter chatrooms and upload hot photos that make you look bangable.  


Outpersonals is an app that gives access to thousands of personals who are eager to interact with other gays, trans, and of course, femboys. It is plenty of chat rooms and pornographic photos uploaded by users.

On outpersonals, it shouldn’t be difficult to find other men and crossdressers for sex. In fact, there are lots of registered femboys who sign in for finding other guys and crossdressers who want casual sex.

But Outpersonals must be seen as the way it is: a paid website for gays, trans, and sissies. Despite it is paid (some features certainly remain unblocked for free members), Premium users are allowed to perform a variety of more actions.

Among the other actions, they can do visiting a larger number of profiles and contacting femboys that are currently online. They can also make use of the advanced search tool and view the status of a greater number of active members.

Gays and crossdressers can chat via email without limit and watch uploaded porn videos.

As a bonus, all members, regardless of the purchased type of membership, can upload hot videos to the site.


GayFriendFinder is one of the pioneering dating apps that cater to homosexual men and femboys. Since its launch in 2002, it has helped a lot of crossdressers find locals that look for sex and casual relationships. Fun and sex are the only things to expect from this platform. 

Gay Friend Finder supports several types of relationships, although it is often mistaken for a hookup site. The truth is that you can find people who want either marriage or casual relationships. Generally, most femboys who take part in this site look for sex. 

The app has a section for reading filled with blogs that provide a better understanding of the gay community and femboys dating. It also features many groups for crossdressers, bisexuals, trans, and gays, which makes it one of the gay portals that foster this type of community. 

Gay Friend Finder is part of the Friend Finder Network; thus, it is possible to find straight singles that seek sex with crossdressers. Although it is a large-sized site, it is not overwhelming to navigate it. Most of its users are from the USA, with 60,000 registered members.


GayCupid is probably the least popular of this list; actually, you must enter the site to get insights into it. It hasn’t been extensively reviewed like other sites, but nobody doubts about its known about its quality. It practically aims to find long-term relationships between crossdressers. 

Even though it only has a user base of 200,000, the layout makes it possible to find somebody special very quickly. It is important to add that this app is not exclusive to gay and femboys, as there are lots of bisexuals and straight people who enter here out of curiosity.

Since its release in 2002, GayCupid has collected hundreds of success stories that even engage crossdressers. Unbelievably, hundreds of femboys log into GayCupid for finding love or a different experience that goes beyond sex. 

Compared to other femboys dating apps, it is quite smaller, having only 24,000 users from the USA. The gender proportion is uneven also. The registration process is just the same as other dating platforms. 

The most active members are from the United States and some Spanish-speaking countries. Usually, thousands of Brazilian and Asian gays fill the chat rooms. 


MenNation is one of massive
femboys dating websites with the largest database of crosssdressers that reside in USA. The site serves people who want gay marriage, casual dating, and meet femboys. Many of its members come in for finding friendships as well.

The app is choke-full of nifty features that keep it updated with more functions that facilitate femboy dating. When it comes to extra features, this is when this portal shines. It even has a section for reading articles written by members.

MenNation enables its gay and sissy customers to rate photos and message others for free. 

Besides the above features, it allows searching users based on desired relationship, location, age, and physics. It likewise incudes a matching suggestion system that automatically gathers user preferences according to the actions performed on the site. 

It is great for finding gays, trans, and femboys, but it also welcomes couples desirous for extreme sexual experiences. The sign-up process contains two phases that are completed in under 5 minutes. 

All fields are mandatory so the algorithm can find matches. Upgrade to Premium to maximize the benefits.


Grindr is a geo-targeting 
femboys dating app that pretty much comes to be as the most original of all in this feature. It launched into the industry in 2009, and since then, there are no signs of its popularity slackening. It is an amazing place for finding gays, bisexual men, and crossdressrs.

It is not seen as a hookup site as many people use it for casual discreet dating. Grindr algorithm finds matches by expanding the area for connections. The layout makes it even easier to find active users within the vicinity. 

From all the sites we’ve mentioned until now, Grindr stands out as the simplest. However, some people complain about its outdated interface that doesn’t allow contacting members outside a 5-mile radius. 

Notwithstanding that, Grindr has created adds-on that helps users find the exact type of men and femboys they are looking for. The website divides men into different categories: ‘Discreet Jock,’ ‘Right Now,’ Twink, and ‘Networking.’ 

If you want to find a femboy, click on ‘Discreet Jock’ and do not get surprised at the things you will find there. 

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