Top 10 Cayman Islands Dating Sites – Dating Sites for Cayman Islands

Top 10 Cayman Islands Dating Sites

For those who don’t know, the Cayman Islands, also known as the British Virgin Islands, are part of the territories still under the British. It is one of the destinations that tourists love for surfing or diving.

Most people visit the Cayman Islands for diving but can’t afford a foreign girl when they are there. Something that visitors enjoy a lot is the nightlife that usually begins at 10 o’clock. The Cayman Islands are awash with divers and surfers who don’t really want to spend the time alone.

The place is full of resorts for rent. Along with the resorts, the Cayman Islands have a lot of bars where guests enjoy some sunset drinks. It is a fact that the majority of masters are single, and so are the girls.

Luckily, there are websites that are thought to connect lonely men to singles in the Cayman Islands.

Top 10 Cayman Islands Dating Sites

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is one of the most populous dating and hookup sites with 80 million members around the world. This is an entirely adult site that is dedicated to dating niches. It was founded in the United States, and so far, it is famous for having thousands of users.

Adult Friend Finder houses tons of contacting features to help people find what they are looking for in a place like this. It is pretty functional and offers an app that is compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones. The site’s mobile version also works perfectly.

The website doesn’t aim to find love but casual sex, so consider AFF as what it is, a hookup site. At Adult Friend Finder, guests and subscribers can get casual arrangements with couples, groups, lesbians, wives, milfs, sugar daddies, and all.

The site is known for being home to hundreds of fuckbuddies that satisfy mature women who visit the islands. It encourages all kind of relationships except those that imply long-term commitments. Monogamy and polygamy are broadly welcomed at this site. has great attributes that enable users to meet others locally. This makes it ideal for meeting new people in remote and paradisiacal places like the Cayman Islands since the distance ratio gets updated with the location. Still, the site needs improvement. is another website that has adjusted to the new trend that promotes inclusiveness. Due to this, many users who reside in the Cayman Islands and are not straight have become members of this community. Passion caters to individuals, couples, and groups of all genders and sexual orientations.

Signing up for this site is totally free. The platform has interestingly more women than men, which is rare in hookup sites. Passion is reported to have around 500 females and 450 Caymanian guys. There’s a significant amount of cuckolds too.

Passion comes with some special features that make it even more interesting than it is. In general, it offers automatic emails and the option to manage inboxes affordably. The site doesn’t have an app as Adult Friend Finder but the mobile version makes up for this.

If you’re looking to hook up with singles who can’t get dates because they are always on the go and don’t have time, Sexfinder sounds great. Sexfinder is a powerhouse of swingers, so this is nearly the only thing you’ll find here: swingers of all genders and sexual preferences.

However, there are also women in the Cayman Islands who pertain to this site and provide sex services to visitors. Mature swingers are not models but prostitutes that turn to this site for a booty call.

Sexfinder is also great for finding couples to carry out sexual experiments with them. In fact, Sexfinder is thought to harbor more registered couples than individuals as such. Most members are from the United States, but there are also lots of Britons and Caymanians.

The site is very active but not as much as the previous sites. It shows an endless list of available profiles to search by location, age, gender, and other characteristics. 75% of the women who take part in this site are swingers. Sexfinder is flatly a hookup site for cuckolds.


Xmatch caters to users who are on the lookout for a variety of person-to-person sexual encounters. However, most people who utilize Xmatch are, for some reason, leaned towards virtual sex. The site has then been upgraded to fulfill that purpose.

Xmatch is a hookup site that shares lots of commonalities with traditional grown-up sites, but there are some differences. The main difference is that it serves as a social network where people can virtually partake in many digital activities like reading blogs, watching live shows, and chatting.

What makes Xmatch an interesting site to visit when in the Cayman Islands are the features for easy communication, sexting, and dating swingers. The portal can be used by anybody with little or no knowledge about dating sites.

Registering to be part of this swinger club is very easy and takes around 4 minutes. This place is widely uncensored as the Cayman Islands clubs are at midnight. There are around 460 female models that live in the British Virgin Islands and are part of this sex finder site.

OkCupid is different because it’s not all about uploading a photo and entering basic details. Here, you share stories, things you find interesting, and show yourself just the way you are. And why is OkCupid on this list? Because it contains thousands of Cayman Islanders.

OkCupid is not intended to find dates only, but to find all kinds of relationships, including hookups. Just do not get confused; this is not a porn site. As explained before, you can join this site to share your adventures while being in this paradise.

The site, which also offers an app, is home to 50 million users globally. While the majority of its subscribers are from the UK, a sprinkling of them are from Cayman. It lends itself to get new friends, meet surfers, but not as good as to find swingers or get involved in affairs.

It is a very active site that never sleeps. Naturally, it hosts more men than women, but the gender ratio gap is small. Plus, members’ age is around 23, which means it is a community of young singles and committed netizens seeking pen-friends.


Unlike OkCupid, Sentimente has hardly 1.5 million members but surprisingly many BV Islanders. It is a site that lets people meet, chat, and match with the prettiest brunette brown-skinned women who are typical in this place.

The website serves as a call of port for chatting and mingling online. Of those 1.5 million members, there are 1000 who live in the Cayman Islands. Many people enter Sentimente to find love and marriage. This is not a hookup site. Be part of this community for romance only.

Sentimente is good because it is jam-packed with young girls from Romania. Astonishingly, the site has managed to collect lots of members from Europe. As a result, the site is available in several languages like Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

Registration for this site is very easy as the only thing you need is to submit some basic details. The site belongs to the Personals category and is accepting of gays, lesbians, and singles with a different sexual orientation. It’s been in the industry for over 20 years.


Cayman Singles is a relatively new dating site that is driven towards daters who live in Cayman or those who would want to visit the islands. Cayman Singles was created with the purpose of connecting singles to others who live in this breathtaking paradise.

It has an algorithm that operates according to people’s interests and hobbies. Members with more similar interests match and are able to initiate a conversation. Cayman Singles has exclusive groups and forums for singles in the Cayman Islands.

This is not a steamy place but a website where members seek other kinds of relationships that are not necessarily sex-based. So, login here to find friends, and if not, do it trying to find a date. There are lots of success stories where people met and fell in love thanks to this site.

So, the website is thoroughly for single BV islanders. The layout is very easy and makes you feel like you were using any social network. Cayman Singles’ matchmaking system helps you narrow your search to members that are solely compatible with you.
Better use this site for friendships.


Connecting Singles is the only totally free dating site on this list that offers matchmaking, personal ads, and photo sharing charge-free. Connecting Singles is designed to find meaningful relationships, companionship, or just friendships. It strives to admit merely quality singles.

The service provided by this site is free, and there’s no need to question this. Apart from the photo-sharing and other functions, it also offers free emailing and extensive search. It is then one of the few sites that supply all this at no cost.

Connecting Singles has actually caught on in BV Islands because it is free. On top of that, reviewers state that the site is almost free of scammers, but there can be some catfish around there. In this place, neither affairs nor flings are encouraged.

Another feature that makes this site even more encouraging is the ease of use. For starters, the sign-up process can be done in 5 minutes or less. The interface is neat and clean, and ads-free. Additionally, it offers a variety of contacting features such as Favorites List and virtual Flower.
All member searches can be saved as well.


Who doesn’t know Tinder? Everybody has heard of this app. It is one of the most popular apps since 2012, and such popularity doesn’t seem to decline. Tinder boasts of having thousands of British Virgin Islanders.

Tinder can be used as either a hookup app or a dating ´place as it encourages all kinds of relationships. So far, it has created more casual relationships than marriage, but there are success stories of singles who met in the British Islands thanks to Tinder. Tinder is just gigantic.

Tinder is the only app that does not require upgrading to enjoy the most benefits. To give you an idea of how it works, Tinder is like Bumble, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel combined with an addition of a one-of-a-kind swiping feature.

As to the membership structure, the site helps find gays, straight singles, but is useless to find horny couples or groups. It is obvious since people register using their phones. After you sign up, the app lets you swipe and pass on countless members. makes it easy to find quality profiles with every search. Each person is attached to an indicator that allows you to know whether they are online or not. The truth is that 85% of members are always active on this site. This is what makes so special.

Aside from not letting you go bore, the site does not promote casual sex or relationships that practically lead to nothing. So, if you’re looking for something romantic in the Cayman Islands, you should give this site a try. It has over 45 million members, and the user pool is still growing. is suitable to find friendships and pen-friends as well, but few people utilize this site for this. The age range is somewhat interesting as most members’ age does not reach 34 years old, meaning they are in plain age of marriage.

Searching profiles is as easy as scrolling down a little bit. As soon as you start checking through the site, you realize it is always in full swing.
The sign-up process is a task that lasts some minutes, and in the beginning, profiles will appear blurred out, but after upgrading, you’ll see their face clearly.

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