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Some dating apps can help you meet other people’s eve in places with a great number of restrictions like the United Arab Emirates. Even though, people prefer dating others who met at work or elsewhere, others opt for a video chat. 

In this article, we are going through the best dating apps in the UAE. Remember to install a VPN previous to plunging into this adventure. 

Adult Friend Finder

Unbelievably, many tourists go to Dubai for sex, actually, and there it’s where Adult Friend Finder comes into play. At first, when you browse this site, you’ll see a lot of profiles with strange sex-related nicknames that include the number 69. 

Adult Friend Finder 

The site is explicit in all senses. It is hard to get lost there as all the content is in big letters and notifications appear in labels that prevent you from clicking around. Although the platform seems jumbled, it is easy for users. On Adult Friend Finder, you can send friend requests and send private messages without being friends. Definitely, one of the best dating apps in Dubai.  

Ashley Madison

Even though the UAE laws do not support infidelity, as a tourist, you can certainly make do with it. Ashley Madison, as an affair site, harbors an immense diversity of open-minded people willing to have sex with others committed.

Ashley Madison

Since the UAE receives a hundred thousand visitors per year, Ashley Madison has become a popular dating app in Dubai.  

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The platform has a pool of open-minded users, so looking for a match shouldn’t be a problem since you have all the choices you can ask for, but bear in mind most of them are not originally from the UAE, but foreigners.

Passion has a desktop version as thorough and robust as the mobile one and features a chock-full of animated sections, features, and functionalities all out for your exploration. Despite it maybe seem a bit cluttered, the navigation is very easy. Also, it includes 12 comprehensive profile sections for self-expression.

Some comes to be a dating site Dubai that’s perfect for masturbating and online dating. Passion members are always posting pictures and updating their statuses, inviting guys to enter their chat rooms.  


Whether a resident or not, if you’re in Dubai, apps like OkCupid must be used but with discretion. It hosts a large number of users aged 18-29; however, it prioritizes respect towards homosexual and bisexual people. It promotes diversity, inclusivity, and modern cultural trends. You’ll notice that members are more active around 7 pm on this Dubai dating app, but millennials connect the most on weekends. If you’re planning to use this dating app in UAE, install a VPN.

okcupid Tinder Dating Sites for Teenagers

You need to complete a long questionnaire with tricky questions upon registration. The silver lining of this app is that it doesn’t contain a lot of fake profiles. On a negative note, there’s no way to start a video chat as it is not included. A Premium account costs $10 per month. 


First, like any other dating site, you need to fill out your personal profile. Muslima is one of the best dating apps in UAE as it unites Muslims spread around the world. It has an impressive gender proportion of 50-50. Compared with the above-mentioned apps, Muslima scarcely has a user base of 4.5 million subscribers. It is important to remark that this Dubai dating app is not a sex finder but a platform that young adults install to find love. 


Perhaps, one of the downsides of Muslima is that men are more active than women. This free app makes communication simple. You must verify your profile by uploading a valid ID. 



Tinder is an app designed for iOS and Android, although some use it via desktop. It asks you to register with your Facebook account, but if for some reason, you don’t want to do it so, the phone number is also available. It is a free app but comes with two premium accounts called Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. It is recommended to upgrade the account a boost each month to increase your chances of finding an Asian or European girl in Dubai. Tinder is for some of the best dating apps in UAE. 



HAPPN is a French dating app available for iOS and Android. The concept of Happn is interesting as it can match you with somebody you already know or have mingled with. These profiles of people you may know in real life will appear shady, so it’s up to you to discover who they are. If somebody clicks that they are interested in you, you will not realize unless you return the like. Would Happn be considered a good Dubai dating app? Due to its concept, you may need luck.

HAPPN Dating sites



Bumble is of those dating apps Dubai you need to install. In this app, women are kind of protected from men insisting on private chats. In other words, if you are a guy, the app doesn’t allow you to contact the girl first unless she gets in touch with you. If she doesn’t like you, she’s at liberty to pass you or block you. However, according to reviews, most matches engage in a conversation. The only problem is that there are many more men than women.




Contrary to popular belief, Badoo is not a hookup site, but rather a platform to find friendship or casual dating. Registering is free, but some features are only accessed through premium membership. The age of its users ranges from 18 to 40, being most of them young adults. Many of its members are very active but do not expect to receive a response from everybody you message to.


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