Ashley Madison Reviews – When (& When not) To Use It

Ashley Madison Review
Ashley Madison

The best review of the Ashley Madison site that you will ever get.

In the modern tech-friendly days, you will get numerous dating sites available on the internet. But all of these are not user-friendly and private as you want. Ashley Madison meets all of the requirements and gives you the perfect platform to find a suitable match to date and enjoy your love life privately. The following review of the site will help you to understand it in detail. 

About Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of the most reliable dating sites with millions of users. Currently, it has more than 5.2millions happy users who are single and finding a partner to mingle. 

The site requires no login with your social networking site, and you can keep your account wholly hidden here. 

The authority of the site promises the users to never reveal their privacy to anyone else. Moreover, you will get some simple steps to complete to log into the site within a few minutes.

You can also install the application on your smartphone and access your account from wherever you want. 

You can look into the other user profiles at the site from your locality and chat with the chosen user. You will get the option to upload your picture to attract users to your accounts and chat. Apart from these positive points, you will get many more here to enjoy. 

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison Pro & cons


The best part of the site Ashley Madison is its easy to use features. You don’t need to spend much time understanding how to use the application after signing into the website. 

The affair guarantee facility is also there to attract the users and win their reliability. According to this term, you will get your subscription fee returned if you don’t find a perfect match from the site. 

But in this case, you need to complete the profile uploading process along with giving your pictures, keeping your profile visible at all times throughout the first three months. 

You also need to send qualifying mails to 20 members every month and five Ashley Madison gifts within a month, participate in live chat for a minimum of 60 minutes in a month, and conditions to get the bucks to return. 

If you don’t get anyone to hook up with even after following these rules within three months, then after the period, you can apply to get the return of your subscription cost at the site. 

There are many membership options to enjoy the facilities of the sites and entertain yourself with the other real users. 

The payment process at this site is easy and secure as well. You can opt for the online payment option. 

A quick reply option is there to make your contact easy with the other members when you are busy. The advanced inbox controlling feature can help you to get something new at this site.

You can set your profile picture as you want by using our blur and mask tool. You can highlight a particular part of your image to show the other users what you want precisely. 

Ashley Madison Cons:


There is a risk to be hacked your profile at this site as it happened in the year of 2015. But the technical team of the site resolved the issue and made it more secure for the users by updating its features. 

Ashley Madison Login

Ashley Madison Members Structure


Unlike other cyber dating sites, you will get flexible options to be a member of the site. Different membership plans allow several features to enjoy. There are different packages that allow you to buy different packages here and act in the profile accordingly. 

These packages give you a different amount of credits to use different features and interact with the users. 

The introductory package gives you 100 credits, and the elite package provides you 500 credits, and 1000credits are available with the affair guarantee package. You can use these credits differently to send messages, enjoy live chats, and send gifts to the person you like at the site. 

Ashley Madison Member Information


You will get different membership options and users from different parts of the globe. You can choose the users or other members depending on their locality and your other preferences. 

After signing up free of cost, you can check their profiles but to interact with the members of the site you need to buy the credits and use them. 

You can also enjoy your tour in a particular city by meeting someone new there. You can message a user in the city where you are going alone before making your tour plan. We have  Travelling Man and Woman features for you. 

Ashley Madison Contacting Members


To contact a user at the site for the first time will cost 5credits, and after that, you can send messages to them free of cost. 

30 credits for enjoying instant messages and 60 credits for 60 minutes for instant messages are required. 

You can send different gifts with different credits like 20, 30, and 50 to the users.

Ashley Madison Mobile App


Ashley Madison can be downloaded from the internet for free and is very easy to install. You just have to follow the steps and launch the application once it has been properly installed.  

Once it has been installed, you need to log in with your Google ID to set it up as an android device. Further mentioned are the steps you need to follow to use Ashley Madison on your Windows PC:

  • Search for the google play store on the Ashley Madison software and install the Ashley Madison app
  • Once it has been installed properly, fill in your information, and start using the app. 

That being said, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to have Windows 7 or later to run Ashley Madison fluently on your system.

Ashley Madison Costs and Prices


There are different membership packages available at the site. You can go through the following points to understand how much you need to pay to buy the packages. 

  • Introductory package at the cost of $49
  • Elite package at the cost of $139
  • Affair guarantee package at the cost of $229

Ashley Madison Plans

Ashley Madison Free Services

Signing up at Ashley Madison is easy and absolutely free. You can also go to the profiles of other users and check their details. 

But if you want to interact with them, you need to use your credits. These credits are easy to buy at the site by paying for the packages. 

Ashley Madison Payment Options


You will get various payment options at this site to buy the credits. You can not only buy the membership packages through Paypal, credit cards, Interac money transfer, Western Union, but also by mail and courier.  

Ashley Madison Customer Support


The customer supporting team of the site is also there to help you if you have any hassle to log in or buy the package. 

You can talk to the executive of the site to get a quick response. The executives are there to help you anytime you need it. 

Ashley Madison Security & Safety


The site is fully secure to keep all your information secret and private. You need not sign in with the social media profile or account. 

You can easily sign up by following some simple steps and answering a few questions. 

You can also go through the terms and conditions of the site while signing on the website and installing the application.

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